“What do you do [all day]?”

Sometimes I wonder what my college-aged self would think of me now.  She was going to live near the ocean, not near acres and acres of cow pastures.  She was going to search for new species of sea creatures, not for that always-missing pacifier (or set of car keys, or left shoe…but, I digress).  She might give me “that” look–that same look I have gotten time and time again when asked the question: “So, what do you do?”

I would probably give 20-year-old me a sweet smile as I explained, again, that I stay at home with my girls.  And as she processed this news, I would once again experience that fleeting moment of self-doubt.  This is usually the moment when I decide to either fill someone in on my daily duties (laundry, cleaning, cooking, designing for my little side business, and oh yes, mom stuff–playing, teaching, tickling, lulling, shushing, hugging, nursing, to name a few) as if trying to buff up my resumé, or just let them deal with my short answer.  My headed-for-the-coast self would probably think I have given up on my dreams.  She would be wrong.

I think dreams change shape all the time.  As it turns out, I am pretty darn good at this stuff.  I like to cook, to organize, to teach, to be creative, to nurture.   Where else could all these hobbies and skills be put to use?  What could be more rewarding than teaching my girls new things and watching their excitement?

I am in no way implying that I work harder than working moms (let’s go ahead and admit that I don’t), or that I am a better mom than others for spending so much time with my kids.  I believe what makes a good mom is a kid who feels safe and cherished.  This is just what I get to do for a short, short season, and I feel very lucky to be able to do it.

I love do-it-yourself projects.  I get giddy when making my own bug spray.  Homemade jam is my jam.  I buy #allthefabric and love to try out new patterns.  This blog probably won’t win any awards, and you probably won’t be inspired to change the world after reading it.  But hey, maybe I’ll share a recipe your family loves and maybe I can make you laugh every once in a while with a good baby poop story.  Then I’ll share my DIY stain remover recipe with you, just in case you have a good baby poop story of your own.


Half Crunchy Mama



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